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Surviving Suicide

Surviving Suicide

They call us “survivors” and that’s a good word, right?
It sure beats the other extreme…
and most who survive some calamity
are no doubt grateful to be one.
We are in a special class of survivors.
We are known as “suicide survivors”
but no matter how you slice it,
suicide is an ugly, repulsive word.
We are not in a category that brings relief.
We are in a class of people who survive unbearable, painful loss–
one day at a time.
One day at a time.
Perhaps you are one of us; we are millions strong.
We are parents, siblings, friends,
relatives, co-workers, and school chums.
The list is endless.
Our loved one touched so many lives, just like yours.
Why are we millions strong?
Because every fifteen minutes in the USA alone,
someone reaches the point of no return
and ends his life.
Perhaps you had just said “talk with you later” on the phone
or you sent a text message or an e-mail.
Perhaps you had made plans to play golf the next week
or go out to lunch.
Perhaps you were making plans to celebrate a birthday
together or take a trip.
And just that quickly, all plans, hopes, and dreams
vanished into thin air,
sucking the breath out of your lungs along with them.
No time to prepare.
No time to ask questions or seek advice
or suggest help for the one you love.
One day she appears fine and the next day she is gone.
No good-byes.
No understanding why.
Nothing left but emptiness, pain, heartbreak, and despair.
Why, Lord? Why?

Shattered by Suicide by Gracie Thompson



Suicide may not be your story, but it is mine. I didn’t ask for it. Would never have wanted it. And I would have fought to keep him alive with every fiber of my being, but I was not invited. He died all alone from his torment and pain. Unfortunately he is in good company. Every 66 minutes around the globe 99 people complete suicide. The numbers are staggering. The pain of those who remain to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives is mind blowing. You may be one of those. Even if you are not, you are probably in pain from a tragedy of some sort. Pain is pain and all are welcome here.

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