He’s knows everything

I am reminded of a time way back when the children were young. One has been punished for obeying his older brother instead of his parents. While combining comfort with teaching, between sobs he blurted out, “He knows everything (referring to his older brother) and I know nothing.”

That’s how I feel about God. He knows everything and I know nothing. Fortunately He is willing to teach you and me what He knows and it is found in His Word. No matter where I pick up and read, the Bible always has something to teach me, even from a well-worn text, I will be smitten between the eyes, like the V8 commercial.

I read from God Loves Broken People (And Those Who Pretend They’re Not) and found this: “To be broken is to follow in Christ’s footsteps. But to embrace it is to follow His heart.”  ~Sheila Walsh

We are all broken from sin. We all are broken from tragedy of some kind. We are all in need of mending and I know the best Tailor. He’s even an Author. He’s my Best Friend.  ~Gracie


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