Chat with God

And the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces. . . ” Isaiah 25:8

It has been a few years since we buried our beloved son as You know. Our hearts still ache. The tears still flow. We recall fun times when our children were young and we were much younger and full of pep. We aren’t young now, but we are still hopeful; now more than ever. You promised to return and You always keep Your word.

Both loving and painful memories make us do the unexpected sometimes. My husband was traveling and on the spur of the moment (maybe You nudged him?)  he decided to pull off the highway and try to find the last place where our son lived. He wasn’t sure he remembered how to get there, but You guided him to the right turnoff and down the right street then to a parking space right in front of the apartment complex. There was no reason to jump out and in anticipation, quickly walk the distance to the front door. He was no longer there. Someone else lived there now. Life had moved on.

So he sat and thought and remembered and cried. You sat next to him, didn’t You? You knew his thoughts. You saw his tears. I can imagine You laid a comforting arm about his shoulders and spoke encouraging words to him.

The text above about wiping away all tears – it seems to be taking a long time for You to get here and take us home to heaven. But there will come a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, when You will descend and for You, it will be right on time.

But down here on earth perhaps time marches much more slowly than it does in heaven.  Our family hurts, God. All families hurt, but You know this. You knew it long before You planned our family. And still, You worked Your plan. I find that comforting now. We are still in Your plan, come what may, until the heavens part like a scroll and we will be called by the trumpet blast to gather together and never to part again.


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