Open Hands

Our God Loves us with open hands. He never squeezes too tightly or forces His will on us. How amazing is this love! 

A mother loves with her entire being. Yet she’d rather hold on tightly to her precious children to keep them safe. Our God loves us infinitely more than our parents or anyone else who pledges their love. Yet He loves with open hands.

“Choose to love Me,” He implores. “Choose to follow the path that I have selected for you. Turn back to Me. I have a mansion with your name on the mailbox. I don’t want to begin the heavenly party without you! But I refuse to hold you back. I love you too much to control you. That’s the enemy’s way. I created him and I know that he no longer loves anyone but himself. So choose Me. Love Me back. Let’s share eternity together.”                                                      



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