A prayer about trust

Dear God,

How do I begin to write about myself, my life? I have started to blog which is a bit unnerving in and of itself, but to write about me? Then I realize that I have not been writing – it is You who has. You bless me with Your words and perhaps they will bless others as well.

Now back to the point. Are You asking me to write my innermost thoughts? I don’t even know what they are. They have collected over the years, in happy times and in pain. So what is my personal truth?

Perhaps I should ask You to show me Your personal Truth, Lord. Mine is hidden under deep layers of distractions, and I’m not sure how to reach them . . . and it is really necessary at this point in my life?

I find myself in virgin territory. I don’t know what to say. And will others even bother to read or care? It’s tough to expose oneself . . . I am stalling, aren’t I.

I don’t know what to say, but You do. My pen is Your thoughts and You will reveal them in Your perfect timing. Once again I am trusting You . . . such tentative steps I am taking, but You are always there, leading the way. I did ask You to enlarge my territory of service and hence, this blog. A new adventure to be sure!

Trusting shouldn’t be new at this season of my life, but it is. We humans are a basket of frail emotions and we often fail, especially those we care about. This has been my personal experience. People have let me down and  sometimes abruptly. Have I treated them the same way? It’s a solemn reminder that life isn’t fair, but You are. I desire to trust You supremely and totally and unashamedly. You are my leaning post and my place of comfort. I will trust You to guide me in this new adventure and I thank You for already doing so.


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