boiled over

I poured myself a cup of black bean soup last night, pushed the buttons for the microwave to heat, walked away and promptly forgot about it. When I finally remembered and looked at my cup of soup . . . what a mess met my eyes. It had boiled over, down the sides and made a dark pool of “mud” around the cup. What a nasty mess to clean up!

There was no washing the cup off. Those run-overs had to be soaked so I left the cup to soak in a deep dish of water overnight. This morning, I had no trouble washing off the driblets of soup if I applied some rubbing with my hands.

It seems God was using this cleaning opportunity to make an application. Let’s see if I understand what it could be and if you have other ideas, please share them.

Can you remember a time when you “boiled over”? I can, and more times than I care to count. Whether I boiled over in anger or tears, I usually ended up in a puddle of mess. I am not easy to clean up. My outbursts or feelings from other’s words or actions are not so easily washed off. Sometimes I just need to step back and take a soak in a hot tub and allow God to work on my heart. Sometimes I still need to be gently rubbed by the hands of the Master before I feel really clean.

How about you?


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