Ever felt like this?

Paraphrased letter from Psalm 69, MSG

Dear God,

Save me!  I’m in way over my head.  With quicksand underneath me and swamp water over me, I’m going down for the third time.  I’m hoarse from calling for help and bleary-eyed from searching the sky for You.

I’ve got more enemies than hairs on my head. Sneaks and liars are out to knife me in the back.  They accuse me of stealing when I have not stolen a thing from them, so what must I give back?

My siblings shun me like a bum off the street.  My parents treat me like an unwanted guest in my own home.  I love You more than I can say and because I’m madly in love with You, I am blamed by all those who stare at me.

God, I know, however, that I have stolen from You.  You know my every sin. My life’s an open book to You.  But please don’t let my hope in You die with me.  God, it’s time for a break!  Please answer in love and rescue me from the swamp. Pull me out of the clutch of the enemy who is sucking me down to the grave, this black hole of death.

God, please answer me now. Because of the love we share I will shout Your name with a song of praise.  I will tell everyone of Your greatness in a prayer of thanks. I have put my hope in You. Now, will You please get me out of this mess I’m in?


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