I just reached out and managed to offend someone with my words. That was not my intention nor will it ever be. We all are as different as snowflakes . . . some flakier than others. (just kidding!) We all march to a different drummer, whatever that means. But none of us can deny that we have the same Creator and He never changes.

If I say something that you disagree with and you want to take a whack at me with (nice) words, go ahead. It’s okay. Please share your beliefs and ideas. That is how I learn and grow and maybe that is how we all learn and grow.

Knowledge is a powerful thing and used wisely, helps is find our way. Experience is also a powerful teacher, especially the tragic circumstances we find ourselves in that we would never ask for. But even through those, we grow.

Have you found this to be true? Yes? No? Explain your answer. (Smile. It feels like school again, doesn’t it?)

Hate pink print?


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