I have a cat and not just any cat. He is special and he is smart and also very determined. Perhaps you have a pet like him. We all think our pets are special, but this little guy almost didn’t make it. He was probably orphaned early and had to scrounge for food and water. I don’t know what cats think about, but I think this one made up his mind that he was going to fight to find a family and he chose us.

Now he is master cat since we have added a couple of “brats” under our roof. They get along as long as they know who’s boss and I don’t know how they know, but they know. There was a time of jealousy, but that seems to have passed . . . as long as the pecking order remains secure.

Master cat carves out his time with me and it has to be done a certain way by way of the left armpit. As I am reclining on the sofa I see master cat eyeing me; surveying the situation from his position on the floor. For some unknown reason he doesn’t immediately jump up. He prefers to take his time; plan his attack, perhaps.

And then he jumps, right into my face with the familiar head bonk and a low, throaty purr. That was a love bump, I am sure. It says, “Hi, how are ya? Remember me? This is our time because I sez it is.”

He hasn’t settle in yet so this is the perfect opportunity for me to shove him away and sometimes I do. But this encounter is far from over. He jumps up on the back of the sofa pretending to lay down and get comfortable, but that is a part of the plan. Before long he stealthily does a low and slow tactic by way of my head. He’s going to try the come- from- behind approach. We both know the drill.

The jackpot is that sweet spot right on my left side where he can curl up under my arm and work his paws (and there is plenty of marshmallow to work), purr loudly and let his eyes roll back. Utter and complete joy. This is the preamble to a lengthy nap at my feet, but the preparation is important because it leads to blissful sleep.

Is there a spiritual application here? It may be far fetched, but let’s give it a go. Here is one possibility and you may come up with others to share. I stand at the door and knock . . . is a familiar text. It means that Jesus is a gentleman. He never barges in uninvited. He knocks. And waits. And gently knocks again. He wants to come in and share friendship, but He won’t push His way in if we are not interested.

Not so the devil. He is all about sneak attacks. I may push him away a time or two and then get tired and allow him in. Or he may find his way in uninvited. No matter whether we are friends or not. He wants his way with every child of God.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer God’s way. I like that He knocks. I rather like inviting Him in. Today is a good day for a visit.

Look, I’m standing at the door and knocking. If anyone listens to my voice and opens the door, I’ll come in and we’ll eat together. Revelation 3:20, GW


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