Are you ready?

Dear Friend,

As you have already read, I can chatter along almost without taking a breath. But I am eager to hear your story. Since this is a blog mostly about surviving loss, we are hear to comfort one another.

Perhaps you have told your story so many times you just don’t have the energy to tell it again. But on the flip side, sharing the pain helps to relieve the pressure on our souls. It’s painful, but it’s also a good release.

The world marches on with the business of today, but I dare say that there are many survivors out there that go to sleep (if they can get to sleep) with pain on their hearts and wake up realizing once again, that their beloved person is gone for good.

This is how it has been for me. Time doesn’t heal anything, but as I grasp understanding of it all, I realize that time:  finally passes in years (when I look back), finally helps the gnawing pain abate. There are highs and lows in pain intensity now where there used to be only highs.

This is a journey like no other. It was not planned for or anticipated, right? But it happened, none the less and sent us into a whirlwind of unknown terror, pain and suffering.

Does it matter that we are not alone? I’d like to think so. Does it matter that there are millions of people around the world who share a similar grief? I hope and pray that this gives you the courage to step out of your comfort zone and respond. 

We cried out to the Lord, he heard our cry and sent an angel . . .      Numbers  20:16


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