Life is about making memories and often while enjoying favorite team sports together. Can you relate to this memory of ours?

The tickets came today – football season tickets. My husband held them proudly. Yes, they are for the hometown team, but there’s more and it goes much deeper. He pointed to the address. It was addressed to our son, the one who is no longer with us.

I ache every time I see a piece of mail dropped in our mailbox addressed to him. It reminds me that he used to have a life in this life, but he has one no longer.

My husband, on the other hand, treasures seeing the name of our first-born son on these tickets. They remind him of all the games they used to attend together.

Entertainment still goes on and we must go on . . . dragging the broken pieces of our hearts behind us.

Tickets. Now father and remaining son still go. They must go – for the love of the game. They smile. They laugh. They munch and sip. And for those few happy hours, they excitedly watch their team score touchdown after touchdown . . . in a perfect world.

Do they remember that it used to be three of them? Certainly, for they shared a bond; a bond of love that cannot be broken.

So it’s really not about the tickets as much as it is about the love between a father and his sons. The bigger picture is always about the love of the Father for His children; all His sons and daughters.

Thank You, Father, for leading by example and showing us how to love.

~from Shattered by Suicide


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