[DRAFT] Dear Daughter . . . or Letter To My Daughter [ref to tapestry]

[updated before realized it had been pub. c/p so can pub again.]

My Dear Daughter (or Son),

Please hear my heart speak to your heart. In case you think I have forgotten you, I haven’t. I have not deserted you nor could I ever. I knew about you before you were even born. And I have known about all of your days since your birth.

You are suffering now and I am suffering right along with you. In times of deep distress I am even closer to you than you can possibly imagine. I know suffering is hard to bear, but trust me when I say that some pain is necessary. I know it is hard to see that up close. As you are able to grasp the bigger picture, you will begin to understand that trials bring you closer to me, and eventually you will come forth as gold, gleaming and pure.

The enemy will always be lurking about, watching and waiting for an opportunity to distract you and he may succeed for a time. But when you return to Me, you will be able to strengthen my other children with my truth (Luke 22:32).

God folded the letter, tucking it into an envelope and sealed it before handing it to Jesus to mail. Picking up her tapestry, he resumed weaving more delicate stitches while humming a little chorus, “For God so loved the world He gave His only Son, to die on Calvary from sin to set you free. Some day He’s coming back what glory that will be! Wonderful His love to me.”

Jesus took the letter and paused by His Father’s chair to take a closer look at the tapestry. God looked up from His work, smiled, and spoke as if He had been in deep thought, “You know Son, I am so glad you agreed to go to Planet Earth to show our people how much we love them. Just think. If you had not followed through with the plan to save the human race, I would not be sitting here working on a special tapestry for my favorite daughter.”

God winked at His Son. Jesus chuckled and patted His Dad on the shoulder. They exchanged a knowing smile . . . for all of God’s kids are His favorites.

But he knows every detail of what is happening to me; and when he has examined me, he will pronounce me completely innocent—as pure as solid gold! Job 23:10

Verse shared from The Living Bible (TLB)


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