Ever feel like Psalm 69?

Dear God,

Save me!  I’m in way over my head.  With quicksand underneath me and swamp water over me; I’m going down for the third time.  I’m hoarse from calling for help and bleary-eyed from searching the sky for You.

I’ve got more enemies than hairs on my head; sneaks and liars are out to knife me in the back.  They accuse me of stealing when I have not stolen a thing from them, so what must I give back?

My siblings shun me like a bum off the street.  My parents treat me like an unwanted guest in my own home.  I love you more than I can say and because I’m madly in love with You, I am blamed by all those who stare at me.

God, I know, however, that I have stolen from You.  You know my every sin; my life’s an open book to you.  But please don’t let my hope in You, die with me.  God, it’s time for a break!  Please answer in love and rescue me from the swamp; pull me out of the clutch of the enemy who is sucking me down to the grave; the Black Hole of death.

Please answer me now, God, because You love me. I will shout your name with a praising song.  I will tell everyone of Your greatness in a prayer of thanks. I have put my hope in You.

paraphrased Psalm 69, MSG


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