“What a friend we have in Jesus all our sins and griefs to bear. What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer!” Do you recognize these words? Humming along? Each stanza in this song, What a Friend We Have in Jesus, holds precious promises of our Savior’s love. He bears our grief and sins and we have the privilege of coming to Him with all our needs.

Does He seem far away at times? Me too. I have often been lonely for Christian friendship “with skin on” ~ the kind of person who can keep the deepest secret and we can pray together with God about anything and everything.

I have friends, good friends all. They will come to my need in a moment’s notice. But my heart has always longed for more. Should I feel guilty about that? How does this resonate with you, my friend? Do you have many friends? Close friends? Or only acquaintances?

It took many years of praying and growing up and finally, God “hooked me up” with a really good friend and we have become close. She is kind, loyal and listens patiently and responds with wisdom. She trusts in her Creator fully and completely. Talking with her makes me want to be a better person. Like Ruth in the Bible story, I want her God to be my God too. Other friendships have come and gone with the passage of time, but this one, I think, is for keeps.

Perhaps some friendships begun here will continue up there throughout eternity. How fun would that be? We might find ourselves reminiscing about the old times we’ve had or we might hardly remember them at all ~ so taken will we be by the “all things new” of heaven. But until we can see it for ourselves first hand, how great is our God to care about friendship.

I’d like to listen while you talk. Have you had a special friend to reach out to when times are tough? Care to share your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. I have a friend like this.. One who has been to hell and back with me after the death of my child. But it has paid off in the end. For she was Jesus with skin on and instrumental in my getting to know God better and how His love for me is unsurpassing..

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