DRAFT – More stitches-referb

I had been feeling all alone. Where was God when I needed him? Then I spotted Him. He was sitting in His easy chair. He had His head down, concentrating on something.

I slipped up behind Him and peeked over His shoulder. He was working on my tapestry! I watched as He worked stitch after stitch. He would spread it out over His lap to check His work. I was sure I would see large gaping holes, proving to myself that He often left me alone.

And there were places where there were no stitches, but they weren’t empty. To my great surprise each held a precious gem! I was in awe of their rare beauty and sparkle.

God turned His head and met my gaze. He read my mind and answered, “You are wondering why the gems? At the times of your greatest sorrow, when you are in the valley, I am holding you, carrying you. May the gems always remind you that you are never alone.”


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