Be bold


Dear Friend,

I hope you don’t mind if I quote another’s ideas once in a while. Sometimes a devotional seems to fit here. This one by Joni is not about death, but living with a disability. Her words prompt me to action ~ and it isn’t really her words, but God speaking through her, for she cannot get me to be bold. Only He can do that. Is He asking you to be bold too?

Now, Lord… enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness.  Acts 4:29

Steve Estes was a sixteen-year-old ‘nobody;’ a paper boy, sitting across from me, his paralyzed neighbor, who just got out of the hospital. He had heard from kids in high school that I had big questions about God since I had broken my neck; he came to visit and offer help. I noticed he was very nervous.

Many years later Steve would tell me, “Joni, when I sat across from you that first day, I was scared. You were out of my league. The crowd you ran with I saw only from across the gymnasium. Plus, I had never met another teenager in a wheelchair. I knew what the Bible said about your questions and a dozen passages came to mind from years of church. But sitting across from you in your wheelchair, I realized I had never test-driven those truths on such a difficult course. Nothing worse than a D in Algebra had ever happened to me. But I kept thinking, If the Bible can’t work in this paralyzed girl’s life – it never was for real. So I cleared my throat and jumped off the cliff. I remember telling you, ‘God put you in that chair, Joni. I don’t know why, but if you will trust Him instead of fighting Him, you’ll find out why – if not in this life, then in the next. He let you break your neck, and He has good reasons. I want to help you find out what those reasons are!”

It was a bold thing for Steve to say to me, but his courage peaked my interest. From that day on, I had my nose in the Bible, searching for God’s wisdom. In what ways do you lack boldness for Christ? Ask God to give you fresh courage to share his Word with those in need.


~Joni and Friends


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