Dog Tags

Loss is tough. It’s tough on parents. It’s tough on siblings. Some of us grieve outwardly to anyone who will listen. Others of us keep our pain locked up inside. Regardless of how we grieve, God knows how we feel. As different as each snowflake that falls, we are each a unique creature formed from His hand.

Such is the uniqueness of a brother, now an only child. He is strong, yet tender. He is quiet, and yet thinks deeply. He is kind and loving and he knows pain. He has lost his best friend ~ his brother.

After a recent visit, we found his dog tag left on a side table. It showed visible signs of wear, having been popped on and off countless times. It was special; a gift from a military brother. Each son got one. One son remains and his painful loss runs deep. Upon closer inspection, we discovered not one, but both dog tags fastened together, worn together.

We all remember in different ways. Love in different ways. Relate to God in different ways. God knows what is on our son’s heart every moment. He knows why he wears both dog tags and what they mean to him.

I am sure that our son and God pick quiet moments to chat together. God in His gentleness knows exactly what our son needs and whispers to his heart. Perhaps it has nothing to do with sadness of the past, but plans for the future.

When our family gathers in heaven above, perhaps one brother will toss the other brother his dog tag. But for now, the reminder that dangles on his chest is a way to keep his brother tucked in his heart. And that says it all.

He will be careful not to cut off one bruised branch or to blow out the flickering flame of even one candle. In faithfulness He will bring forth justice and equity for all.  Isaiah 42:3


~from Shattered by Suicide


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