The Blame Game

The man said, “You gave this woman to me and she gave me fruit from the tree, so I ate it.  Genesis 3:12

Lord, We live in a world of blame. Over and over again it is someone else’s fault, and not ours. Perhaps the blame game began in heaven with Lucifer since sin originated with him. But the first recorded story in the Bible centered on Adam and Eve . . . and I don’t have to remind You about them.

The first spat began with our first parents in the garden when Adam essentially blamed You for giving him a woman who led him astray! It may be an old story, but it is a familiar and current problem too.

Even on today’s news, someone political had been unfaithful. “But why blame me?” he whines. “There was another politician who did the same thing weeks ago and nobody went after him!”

Around and around it goes . . . no one wants to take a stand and say the tough, but simple words, “I alone, am responsible.”

Lord, help me not to blame others for my sins. We all have sinned . . . but other folks’ sins are Your problem, not mine. Please Lord, I desire Your Truth in my inward parts ~ deep in my heart where only You dwell. Amen.

Who put wisdom inside the mind or understanding in the heart?  Job 38:36

~excerpt from Shattered by Suicide, by Gracie Thompson


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