Dedicated to a friend

Sheltered in the arms of God


One of God’s daughters fell asleep in His arms today. He will guard her place of rest until until He comes again. It will not be long. For all of His kids who have been laid to rest, including mine, it will seem like they just fell asleep moments before, even though it is far longer for those of us who mourn the loss of them. Please return soon, Lord, and unite us with our loved ones. Amen.

He stroked my hair and whispered in my ear

how much He loved me while we sat and snuggled

in His easy chair.

My Father began to recite His Words of wisdom ~ weaving them

into a bedtime story complete with my name ~

just like a good daddy does.

“Fear not, My precious Cuddle Bug,

you are of more value to Me than all the beautiful birds

I have created for your pleasure.

I want you to stand firm and watch Me go before you.

Be strong, courageous and not afraid

for I am your God and I will never fail you or forget you.

Remember my enemy is outnumbered 2 to 1

and I have many angels guarding you and those

you love, no matter what may come.

So do not look around in terror and be dismayed.

I will always help you.

I will hold you up until victory is ours forever.

There is no other God besides Me.

Remember that always.

I am your Rock and the lap you can always

cuddle in for comfort, so be at peace.

You will always be My daughter.

I love you with all My heart.

Never forget that I am your Shield and Protector

and someday soon, you will receive a great reward.

Keep trusting and clinging to Me, okay?”



My heavenly Daddy’s words were so soothing that I fell fast asleep and never felt the kiss He tenderly planted on my cheek.

Matthew 10:31; Exodus 14:13; Deuteronomy 31:6; 2 Kings 6:16; Isaiah 41:10; Isaiah 44:8; Daniel 10:19; Genesis 15:1, paraphrased


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