Hair-Pin Curve

We heard the whine of his engine; it had to be one of those “crotch rockets” approaching at a high rate of speed. It was so dark out . . . why wasn’t he slowing down for the curve? Then crash!

It was late. We could see the field covered with bright lights from fire engines and rescue vehicles. But sadly, there was to be no rescue this night. They were trying to map out what happened ~ trying to make sense out of a senseless decision that snuffed out the life of a young man in an instant. The family had to be in shock and agony . . . and oh how we understood and grieved with them.

The morning after, I took a walk down to the scene. It was peaceful and quiet except for the birds singing a happy song. There were no reminders of an impact except for chalk markings on the grass.

Now, the only remaining reminder to those who pass by that spot is a small, white cross with his name written on it along with notes and signatures and flowers from those who love him.

It’s so senseless, Lord. My heart cries for this family as Yours does. They lost a son. Dad lost a business partner. Sister lost a twin brother . . . and he was father to a tiny child.

Lord, we aren’t the only ones who grieve, but we have You. Do they? Every time I pass that little white cross, still surrounded by flowers, I remember the family is in pain and I send up a prayer.

Only You can comfort them, Lord, so please wrap Your huge arms around them and hold them until they are quieted and at peace.

~from Shattered by Suicide


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