The pleasantly unexpected

I don’t know how often you visit the cemetery where your loved one is buried. I go and change out flowers, trim blades of grass the mower missed, pull weeds, sweep the marker and just think about him. These are usually quiet visits between me and my husband. I have never gone with anyone else. No one has ever asked until yesterday.

My friend of many years – in fact we raised our children at the same time – called and timidly asked if she could join me at the cemetery some day. I immediately said “yes” and we made a plan to go today. I wasn’t sure how it would be to allow even a good friend into this private moment, but I found it to be positively delightful. She and I both tackled weeds, swept the marker and arranged bright, pretty flowers in the vase all the while sharing memories and passing the tissues.

In spite of location and sadness, it was a time to celebrate life from the Giver of Life and all He has done to bring us along on our journeys. It’s not easy. Life is hard. We have both joy and sorrow, celebrations and memorials. There are no guarantees that it will be any different while we live in a sin-infested world.

Whether I have more shared visits to the cemetery in the future matters not. Today taught me that when God sets up a plan and I don’t interfere with His plan, it is all for His glory and we are blessed. Really blessed.


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