Passing by

I stepped out of my comfort zone today. I was chatting with a dear friend so how could I not be comfortable? Remember the elephant yesterday? We who grieve often don’t feel safe in bringing up the subject of the loved one we have lost. It’s a whole bag of emotions and those of us who have suffered tragic loss understand this.

Ever since another friend had asked me why I never invite her to the cemetery, it has been on my mind. So I took a deep breath today and asked my friend if we could go together to the cemetery some time and she readily agreed. The beauty of taking a risk is the rewards are unexpected opportunities for treasured moments that last a life time.

I will paraphrase her response. You know we go right by the cemetery every time we visit our kids and we always say as we drive by, “Hi, precious boy. We love you.”

This brings tears to my eyes as I type. Somebody cares. Somebody has not forgotten. Somebody remembers our son’s birth date and his death date. Somebody knows his resting place and thinks to share their feelings of love of him.  Somebody thought to share their heart with me ~ no one will find in these words a greater gift than me; the mom to this precious boy.


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