Fingerprints of the Enemy

“He replied to them, ‘An enemy has done this  . . . ‘ ” Matthew 13:28

Thistles found their way into a bin of wheat in this story which sounds like something an enemy would do. Enemies do all kinds of hurtful things, and satan, our most formidable enemy, has no limits to the evil he can think up.

If we could have dusted our son’s home for satan’s fingerprints, I am certain we would have found them, for suicide is definitely the work of the enemy. satan killed someone we hold dear ~ our son and brother. He has no feelings and absolutely no regard for the sanctity of human life. As far as he is concerned, a good human is a dead human. Once he has used him up, he is disposable.

According to research, many suicide victims have been depressed, either diagnosed or suspected. satan keeps an evil eye out for weak, easily depressed children and preys on them throughout their lives. After years and years of such abuse, the fragile, terrorized victims just want the world to go away. They are not punishing anyone and they can’t begin to comprehend the pain their death will cause others. All they can think about is their own pain which has become a tightening noose of hopelessness.

No longer can they see a bright, productive future. They have lost all hope; all reason to live . . . and satan is right there to nudge them over the edge to the jagged cliffs below.

Any death is so difficult to understand, Lord. And it is super difficult to comprehend when someone you love takes matters into his own hands, completing suicide. Help us to understand so that we can reach out to love and support Your other children who are suffering survivors just like we are. Death, though part of the enemy’s scheme . . . is a nap. You call it “the sleep of death” (Job 14:12). Though we miss our son so much, he is no longer in pain. You turned the torment of the enemy into a much-needed rest.

Lord, You have promised to never leave or forsake us, so please hold on to us until You come, no matter how long it takes ~ but please let it be soon. We can’t wait to hug You as tightly as You have hugged each of us, and to be reunited with those we love so much.

~from Shattered by Suicide


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