DRAFT – Stitches-repost poem

 God was humming a little tune as He worked His delicate stitches.

“For God so loved the world,

He gave His only Son to die on Calvary

from sin to set them free…”

Jesus paused by His Father’s chair to look at the tapestry

and God spoke.

“You know Son,

I am so glad you agreed to give Your life’s blood

to save every person from sin.

Just think, if You hadn’t agreed to give Your life,

I wouldn’t be sitting here working on

a beautiful tapestry for one of My beautiful children.” 

And they shared an understanding smile.

God spoke words to my heart, hoping I would hear:

“My daughter, I know you are parched, crushed and empty,

but that is My specialty.

I am a Master Craftsman and I specialize in broken pottery!

There is no limit to My creative power.

  You shall soon behold with your own eyes, My child,

so please keep holding on to Me.”

                                      ~ God


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