Sweet Nuggets

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights… James 1:17


We were on our journey home and waiting for our plane to land. It was running late and the boarding area was standing room only. I left my husband to watch our stuff and I trotted off in search of a snack for the last leg of our journey home. I found it! Annie’s Pretzels! We love the sugar/cinnamon coated pretzel nuggets and these would be warm from the oven since they were out of them at the moment and I would have to wait. . .and wait. “Seven minutes” I was told. Seven minutes passed. Cell phone rang. Husband reminding me of a gate change (one over) and that they were about to board. I had come too far to back down now. “Seven minutes” I was told again. I checked my watch. I was patiently waiting . . . even smiling at the ladies busily making pretzels. I needed to hurry, but I didn’t want to go without my prize. It would be cutting it close, but I would take a chance.

I saw my nuggets taken from the hot oven. They buttered and tossed them in sugar and cinnamon. The aroma was heavenly. The two ladies smiled at me as they worked. I approached the counter with my money in hand to quickly complete the transaction and speed to my gate. After all, waiting for pretzels was not worth missing my ride!

The young lady placed the overflowing cup of warm, fragrant nuggets in a bag, tossed in some napkins and handed the bag to me. I reached out to hand her my money. She smiled and shook her head, “no”. I was confused. The older lady spoke in broken English, “No, no. You no pay. It gift. You so nice to wait. You come back and see us again.” I was dumbfounded! Then I smiled, took the bag with a thank you and a waved. They smiled and waved back.

Would I return? Would I see them again? Only God knows. But this day, this moment in time, I am sure God smiled as He blessed me through two of His beautiful daughters, with a sweet gift.

Some readers may wonder why share this story? Is it fitting for those of us who mourn? My response is, “why not?” Life is made up of moments like these. Life is made up of tragic moments, frozen in time, leaving us shrouded in pain and bombarded with unanswered questions the rest of our days. But life is also made up of sweet memories if our eyes are not so filled with tears that we cannot notice.You and I know suffereing first hand. As years follow months and we are able to once again lift of our heads and experience joy rather than a steady diet of sorrow, then let’s do it. We deserve it. And may it be a blessing.

My feet moved swiftly toward the gate, my husband and home. But along the way, we would munch and I would tell him the story about the sweet, free nuggets and sweet ladies. And sweeter still, I would remind him of our sweet God and His love of sweet surprises when we least expect it.



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