To whom shall we go?

Jesus said to the Twelve, Will you also go away? [And do you desire to leave Me?]  Simon Peter answered, Lord, to whom shall we go? You [alone] have the words (the message) of eternal life.    John 6:67-68

We stare into the eyes of death now, but not for long. The enemy of death is satan who is in our world to kill, steal and destroy. John 10:10. He roars like a lion because even he knows his time to ravage the earth is short. As we hear and read of all the evil happening around the globe, don’t you feel the squeeze on time too? I am eager for Jesus to return, but I want to do my part to tell those around me of His great Love.

God is our Hero. He came to give abundant life, John 10:10. He loves us with an undying Love. He provides comfort in our tragedies. He fights the enemy for us, Deuteronomy 20:4. And most important of all He so loved that He gave His only Son, John 3:16. How fortunate we are that Jesus is our Creator, Friend, Lover, Forgiver of our sins, Attorney, Judge, Jury and King through all eternity.

Do we get that? We are about to experience heaven and we will serve King Jesus for all eternity. I can hardly imagine. But I can hardly wait! Just as Jesus posed the question to His disciples, “Will you also leave Me?”, He also poses to us the same question. How do we answer? If not Jesus, who do we turn to? Where would we go?

Even though times are tough and the tunnel of grief is long and dark, we are not traveling alone. And we can be sure we will come forth triumphant ~ because of Who He is. In answer to Jesus’ question, I wouldn’t leave Him either. How about you?



6 thoughts on “To whom shall we go?

  1. Dear Gracie ~ as I was reading the ‘above’ thoughts written on your heart & transposed here on the web. The thought that came to me are in the forms of the words of ‘John the baptist’. ‘ I am not He ~ but I am one crying in the wilderness ~ preparing the way of The Lord.
    The cry of your heart is for ones who’s’ hearts have been broken & shattered by one of satans greatest evils ~ suicide.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, ~ for your ministry of comfort & encouragement to the brokenhearted hearted .
    This is one brokenhearted mom who’s heart is just a little bit lighter ’cause I know another who understands & cares walks alongside me.
    Rainie ~ Jn. 15:21

    • But they will do all this to you [inflict all this suffering on you] because of [your bearing] My name and on My account, for they do not know or understand the One Who sent Me. John 15:21, amp

      “When suffering enters into your life, take a deep breath. The very first thing to do is to invite Jesus into it. Pray, Jesus, catch my heart.” How true! But it took time for me to realize this. I love the Amplified Bible which profusely uses not only the familiar “believe in”, but also lean on, cling to, trust in, rely on. I picture myself attached like velcro with arms and legs wrapped around tightly. But He is wrapped just as tightly around us, don’t you think? We know the brokenhearted state of our lives, but we also abide in the One who will never let us go. Thank you for being so brave to write. Thank you for sharing this journey with me which ends so much better than it began ~ reunited with our precious children in eternity.

      ~ Gracie

      • Your welcome Gracie ~
        I was just read a statement of a mom who lost her dear son ~ ‘ i am so tired of walking this journey alone’
        She also said she was thankful for her friends.
        That I how I feel ~ always alone in my grief loss.
        Oh, sure ~
        God is with me? Yet I do not feel or sense the thing I yearn for the most ~ comfort.
        Yet life marches on & one must live their every day lives nonetheless.

      • I get it, Dear One. Life is for the living & breathing and we qualify even by kicking and screaming our resistance, but I believe we can rail against God’s chest. He’s a big boy and can take it. But He’s the Rock I run to. The Shelter for every storm…and there are many. In spite of it all, God is in this mess with us. He allowed it to happen and since there are so many of us, there is a lot that He allows. But He promises not to load so much learning that we break. But He yearns to have us draw near to Him. Need Him. Love Him back. Be best buds. Take off not on our own, but hand in hand with Him. I wake up every morning with this goal in mind. Reflecting at the end of the day brings remorse and asking Him for forgiveness for leaning too much on myself. But there are mercies for each day. I like that. New mercies each and every day. And remember Job said those awful words, “Tho He slay me, yet will I trust Him.” Tough to say and still swallow. There is power for our weakness. Though we stumble and fall, we reach up and He helps us to our feet and we walk on together. Therefore, there is hope after suicide, my dears. Hugs to you. ~Gracie

      • Yes,
        I am blessed by God.
        God provides what I need to survive this life in this cold crewel world.
        Even tho I will carry my sorrow in my heart ’til the day I die.
        And where else is there for me to go ‘but to The Lord ?’
        I have learned people will can not fill the void I feel in my heart.
        Only God can.
        I know ones who spend their every waking moment sucking the life outa others & demanding they meet their needs.
        And from all the words they speak they seem to have a lota people doing their bidding.
        Yet, I sense no inner peace .
        And I have to be careful not to be sucked inti their web.

      • It feels, on the surface, that I am left on the sidelines in a lonely existence, but like you, I must daily submit to the only One who makes it complete. Perhaps not now. Not yet, but soon. I may look at what others have and wonder if it would make me happy, but I think not. Only God can fill the emptiness of life. He is my husband and it is to Him I turn when trouble forces me down with its black boot of pain. What others may have that I can see does not mean there is peace in the darkness where I can’t see. The stuff that seems to make them happy will burn up, leaving nothing. I need more than stuff. Don’t you? ~G

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