In My Grip

My Child,

Even though the way seems rough and uncertain, I have picked you up and I will never drop you. There is no need to fear for I Am Your God. I will strengthen you, help you, and hold you steady when turbulence threatens to overturn you. You are in My grip.

There are days when you probably feel like the enemy is at your back and hemming you in on all sides. But you can’t see like I can. I have surrounded you with scores of holy, warring angels who will fight the adversary if he threatens you, but he won’t. He runs from My power. He is no match for Me. So do not worry about the enemy. I am right here and I am not letting go. 

Still not convinced? How about the poor and thirsting who are desperate for water? I will open up rivers for them on the barren hills and spout fountains in the valleys. I will turn the baked-clay badlands into a cool pond and the waterless waste into splashing creeks.

And not only that, I will plant the red cedar in the treeless wasteland, also acacia, myrtle, and the olive tree. I’ll place the cypress in the desert with plenty of oaks and pines.

No one will miss this. It will be the unavoidable, indisputable evidence that I, God, will personally take care of your needs. It’s created and signed in My handwriting. No matter what it takes, I have thousands of ways to provide for your needs.

Now are you convinced? You can trust in Me. I Am your Forever God and I Am in Love with you.                                                                                                 Isaiah 41, MSG, paraphrased


from Shattered by Suicide


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