Bring Up a Child

Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, They will not leave it.  Proverbs 22:6

Lord, thank You for this promise. I lift up my children daily to You, for only You can protect them, guide them, knock on the door of their hearts and entreat them to let You enter their lives and be their Friend.

I must admit that I have pangs of guilt a midst the stabs of pain. For one of my children was started on the path, but he chose to snuff out his light himself . . . so how does this text apply to him?

My question remains suspended in the air between us. I suspect no answer will come . . . this side of heaven. I also suspect this is where trust comes in, right Lord?

I choose to trust that You will keep each promise in Your Word, and all of them joined together end to end, include all of Your precious children. For You are in the business of saving lives, not destroying them.

So keep knocking on the door of our hearts. Keep directing our paths. Eternity is where Your eyes are focused . . . and so are mine.

~ from Shattered by Suicide


2 thoughts on “Bring Up a Child

  1. I am so grateful that God makes no mistakes. His promises are true. He is who He says He is and we can trust Him fully. His character is who He is. He is rock solid. When He says we have hope in Him, we can trust it. We have to wait and especially after losing a precious son, it is impossible without belief in Jesus who died for our sins. Hold on, sweet sister!

  2. This is the promise I hold onto daily until I see my son again. He was raised in the church, received Jesus at 4 years old, was baptized at 10 years old, and loved the Lord so much when he was young. Although he wasn’t walking with the Lord upon his sudden and untimely death at age 23, I have to believe that God will honor His promise. I won’t know for sure until I see Jesus myself, but that hope is all I have to hold onto. It’s the only thing I can believe…or I would surely die from the grief.

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