The agony and the ecstasy

Christ carried our sins in his body on the cross so that freed from our sins, we could live a life that has God’s approval. His wounds have healed you.  1 Peter 2:24

The pastor preached about this text. It’s both heavy and awesome. For me to live, someone must die and not just anyone, but God’s Son, Jesus Christ. The story the pastor used for illustration involved two families. One tiny child needed a new heart to live. That heart would have to come from another baby’s body. They waited, hoping for a donor. One came. Another tiny child suffered a brain injury and would not live. His grieving parents agreed to have his organs harvested so that other children might live.

Which parents would you rather be? Parents with aching hearts? Or parents with relieved and blessed hearts? Solemn and awesome, isn’t it? We would rather not have to choose, right? I would rather not have lost my son. There was no donor to save his life. Even if I gave my life to save his ~ and I would have in a heartbeat ~ I could not save him. Not now. And not for eternity either.

In the scripture above, Peter is talking about spiritual life and death. We are powerless to save ourselves under the best of circumstances. Even if we needed a new heart to live and got one, it would provide some earthly time but no eternal benefits.

For me to live ~ eternally ~ Jesus had to die. Only His death could pay for my sin; your sins. We can walk free. We can choose to take the free gift He offers and follow Him. There is no other way to be free. Is it worth Him volunteering to pay the sin price?

Back to the two families. One will forever grieve the loss of their little one. They will get some comfort in the knowledge that other children will have a chance at new life. The other parents are finally able to breathe. Their little one is already growing stronger and they are thrilled. But there won’t be a day that they don’t think about the gift given to them and how thankful they are in spite of the loss it meant for the donor family.

The stakes are high. They always are. We must choose wisely, especially when it comes to eternal life. Choose Jesus. It’s worth all the love He has to offer.


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