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For the Love of the Game

My family grew up on sports. In the early years, they had several favorites, but as they grew older and could play together with their dad, golf took center stage. Now the competition was on. Who was going to be first to beat Dad at a round of golf?

As the years rolled by, and more miles separated them, it was a challenge to get together to play, but no surprise; they made it a priority to do that quite often ~ making memories and having fun in a joy they all shared. They still play, but the loss of one who they loved, is keenly felt, and the reminders are there every time they get together for a round of golf.

We are nearing another anniversary of our son’s death. A brother is coming to play in a golf tournament ~ a tournament he would have been playing in, too. There will be laughter, jokes, and pats on the back for a long drive down the fairway. They will also remember, talk about the good times, (the) highlights of all the games they’ve played together, and they will dedicate this game to the one we miss so much.

Dad is going to pay a special visit to his hometown. He may drive down his street or even past his house. He might even circle the place where he once worked. But the purpose of the trip is to buy a little white ball ~ a golf ball souvenir from their favorite golf course, so his brother can place it in his golf ball display case.

Perhaps to some, this may seem frivolous, and certainly a waste of fuel and time. But memories of the one you loved and lost are never wasted. They are cherished and extended and pressed to the heart. It may be about the final score, but more likely, it is about the love of the game, and who you love and share it with.

I believe you’d agree, Lord. You also love the game . . . the game of life where we “play” for life eternal. This is a goal worth playing for, and once attained, I can imagine my family again chasing a little white ball around, but this time ~ aiming for the stars.

I press on toward the goal to win the [supreme and heavenly] prize to which God in Christ Jesus is calling us upward.  Philippians 3:14

~from Shattered by Suicide, My Conversations With God After the Tragic Death of My Son


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