No Greater Love


Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends. John 15:13


The story goes that little Mary needed a blood transfusion and the best match was found to be her older brother, Timmy. Forms were filled out, routine questions asked of the parents and all that remained was to make sure Timmy understood what was going to happen.

The doctor sat Timmy down and carefully explained to his young mind that his sister was very sick and need a blood transfusion from Timmy and was he willing to do that for his little sister? Timmy thought . . . and thought. And finally he smiled. Yes. He would do that for his sister because he loved her very much.

Soon both Mary and Timmy were on sterile beds side by side. They were prepped with needles and tubes and the process began.

It wasn’t long before little Timmy had a question for the doctor. “Doctor,” he asked, “when am I going to start to die?”

You see, little Timmy thought he would be giving all his blood to save his sister. He loved her, so he only hesitated a little before deciding she was worth dying for. Of course, the doctor quickly explained to him that he would not die.

But there is someone, whose name is Jesus, and He really did lay down His life for His friends. He really did give all His blood for you and me. We on planet earth were desperately in need of a blood transfusion because of our sins and He did not hesitate, but agreed to die so that we would not have to pay for our sins with death, but instead, enjoy the pleasures of heaven for eternity. How grand!

I appreciate the gift. I can’t quite wrap my head around such love no matter how many times I try. It’s just so awesome.


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