Where do I sit?


I don’t like to shop for groceries, but I get hungry so shopping becomes a necessity. Can you relate? Today was such a day. I got my cart and began to find the things on my list when I spotted someone I knew. Smiling a greeting we stopped to chat and catch up on each other’s lives. Time passed quickly, ice cream was melting, but unbeknown to us, we were having a divine appointment.

God does that, you know. What we think is a casual coincidence is not. It’s a divine appointment. Someone once said that a coincidence is God being anonymous. I like that. But God never wastes a moment of His time. He designed for my friend and me to meet in the grocery store today. Why? I do not know. Only He knows for sure, but I was blessed and I think she was too.

We talked about loss and pain and children and jobs and divorce and college and on and on. My friend is a single mom; raising both her children by herself and doing a fine job. She can be proud of her grown sons. She finds herself single once again. Two failed marriages. It must be hard to understand why it seems to happen. I am still working on my first, and I am grateful, so I can’t really relate to her single status, can I?

Those of you who find this subject familiar territory, how do you cope with being single in a world focused on being married or at least in a relationship? If you attend church, where do you sit? If you are invited to parties, do you need to bring someone with you or can you attend alone? Do you have a social life? If you have children at home of any age, are you even allowed a social life?

Since we both attend the same church, it got me thinking after we hugged and parted ways. How does a single person handle church attendance? What if they feel “too alone” to sit in a pew with other families? What if they don’t have single friends who also attend the same church? How do they get comfortable? What if they are shy or don’t feel like they fit in? How does one turn that around?

Since I am not single and have not been for more years than I can count, I am hoping that this may be a burning issue for some of you in cyber land and we can strike up a dialogue. You teach me how to be a single woman, although I have no intentions of using the information for myself, but it is never too late to be informed and perhaps help someone else.

And please post some questions that are a part of your daily world when it comes to managing all your needs including your single status.



2 thoughts on “Where do I sit?

  1. I am a widow and have been for 8y today.. I personally do not have a problem with this.. I sit in the same pew in church. I am included in so many things. But our church is like that. I have no intention of remarrying.. My soul mate is in Heaven and NOBODY can compare so I am not even trying

    • Thank you for sharing so openly, Kellie. So today is a huge reminder of the loss of your “soul mate”. I am so sorry. But God is so good to lead you to a church family where you sit comfortably among fellow believers. I am happy that you have this blessing that others may not have as yet. You are allowing God to lead you where He chooses. I like that. Blessings, Gracie

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