In Reckless Abandon

When Simon Peter realized it was Jesus, he left his buddies to work the fishing nets and dove into the sea.  John 21:7, paraphrased

Peter couldn’t wait for the boat to be rowed to shore where His Master stood. In reckless abandon, he dove into the water and headed for shore. No thought of his clothing, hair and make-up (from a female viewpoint) or whether he could swim in the frigid choppy waves. He had only one thought on his mind ~ he dropped everything to see His Master . . . his best Friend.

Is that what it takes, Lord? Absolute, earnest, utter, even reckless abandonment of myself to drop at Your feet in complete and total surrender of my will? You mean I have to give up everything?

This is not about my emotions or circumstances or surroundings. This is about looking eyeball to eyeball ~ Creator to created ~ and finally realizing there is nothing, positively nothing I value more than being Yours.

I have a desperate need and only You can fill it. So give me the courage to dive headlong toward You. Help me keep my eyes on You, stroke by stroke, until I stand before You, dripping, breathless, but ecstatic. I’m ready. Take my will Lord. It’s Yours.


Your Daughter

My Dear Daughter,

Of all My disciples, Peter was the most impetuous. He could make Me laugh until My sides hurt! But he grew up from his impetuous and self-centered nature to total abandonment in his love for Me.

I see you standing before Me dripping wet, but your eyes bright with excitement and love. This world is harsh and often brutal with temptations, so do not take your eyes off Me. In My power and strength, I will guide you to where I am.

Love you,


~from the book, Shattered by Suicide


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