Because You so loved

God, it’s been a while since I have written to You, but You are almost always on my mind. Lately, I have been longing to see Your heart; to understand Your great love and who You really are. Then I seem to hear You say, “My Dear Daughter, study the cross where My Son died.”                                                        

And that is where I have begun to study . . . study the cross. But Father, such love You have for not only Your Son, but each one of Your children. You “so loved” that “You gave Your only Son” who died a horrible death upon a torturous tree ~ and He did it all for me . . . and you!

As You know, God, I have struggled with the death of our son and why You did not intervene to spare his life. I know You have the power ~ so why didn’t You use it? I read about Your great love that restrained You from yanking Jesus off the cross ~ especially when He cried out for You. What loving father could ignore the pleas of his suffering child? But it appears that You did. Then the reality of Your love hit me so hard, it took my breath away.

Jesus could not see You there beside Him in the thick darkness surrounding the cross, but You were there ~ so close You could have reached out and touched Him. I imagine every cell of Your soul cried out to take His place. I can’t even imagine the deep sobs that must have wracked Your body as You watched the horror Your Son had to endure. No doubt it took all the power of heaven to leave Him there. Didn’t it?

But the bigger picture includes a plan to save all of Your children who have ever lived on this earth. Doesn’t it? You have opened my eyes to this bigger picture. If I apply it to my personal loss and who You are and how much You love . . . to my son, You could have stopped his death along with everyone else’s ~ plus all the pain and suffering in this world. But if You did, how would we ever learn to hate sin? Hate it so much that we never, ever want it to reappear in heaven!

The bigger picture of my son then, is this: In Your endless love and mercy, You chose to save him for eternity rather than keep him alive in this old, beat-up world. You knew that he was living a life of unbearable agony in the hands of our cunning enemy. The contrast between you and satan is so apparent. You are a God who loves! O how much You love! This world doesn’t understand it. Heaven can’t contain it! Eternity will be long enough to explore it . . . and then, we will have just begun.

Thank You, God. Thank You, Jesus. Because You Love, I can love and trust and serve You faithfully until You come.

For God so Loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.       John 3:16


2 thoughts on “Because You so loved

  1. Thanks, Sheri. Please stop by any time. I love to get comments. It helps guide me to what is needed. Yes, the pain does prick and very deeply, I agree. The triggers are as varied as the colors of autumn, but God is our Forever Friend and it is He who will guide us safely to Heaven’s Harbor.

  2. I must remember to come here, to soak in the atmosphere. The pain will prick, even deeply at times. But these words comfort and soothe in the end. God has a Master Plan. Thanks for helping me see a glimpse.

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