Every Breath I Take

Ever thought about every breath you take? Me neither. Breathing in and out is a natural response we take for granted. We certainly don’t remember taking our first birth breath outside our mother’s womb. Like Job, I am slowly learning how to not even take the gift of breath for granted. Job spoke from his own experience when he said, “We bring nothing at birth; we take nothing with us at death. The Lord alone gives and takes.” (Job 1:21)

Even if the hearse pulls a U-Haul full of my earthly possessions behind it, I will have no cognizance of it, for where I am going, I will know nothing (Ecclesiastes 9:5, paraphrased). I am not trying to sound morbid, but breath is a gift. And until Jesus returns, death is the enemy who stares us all down until he seizes an opportunity to snuff out our breath.

We had to face the unimaginable when our son died. Suddenly, the scriptures about death and life became very important. The Bible says that the dead know not anything – period. So my son may have been troubled in life, but in death he is at peace. Jesus compares death to sleep (John 11:11) and we comfort one another with these words (1 Thessalonians 4:18).

I look at breathing differently now. Each breath of air is precious and necessary to maintain life and my life should have a point. It should be more than a dash between two dates. God created me for His purpose and I desire, now more than ever before, to know His plan for my life.

Doing what He has designed for me to do will bring us closer to His coming and it gives Him  . . . and therefore, me . . . the greatest pleasure.  Philippians 2:12

Even though I continue to grieve, God is there to console me and to help me press on, spreading His Good News. Along with Job, I can say, “Praise the name of the Lord!”  Job 1:21

~shared from Shattered by Suicide


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