The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life I will advise you and watch over you.”  Psalm 32:8

Follow the Lamb wherever He goes. Revelation 14:4

Dear Lord, Please leave clear footprints and I will follow them, for without Your guidance, I will surely lose my way. The road of life is bumpy and hilly with dangerous drop offs everywhere. The enemy plants ambushes in dark places, but I can trust You to lead me to safety for there is a greater power with us than with him (2 Chronicles 32:7.

You know all of my footprints, Lord. I can hide nothing from You. You know every place I have ever been and every wrong choice I have made. You know my footprints of sorrow. You know that I have fallen at Your feet many times, begging for mercy. Taking steps after tragedy is difficult and often feels impossible to do. One would rather curl up in a ball and stay that way forever.

But You have shown me how to move forward, leaning heavily on You for support; in fact, You have often carried me or allowed me to walk on Your feet like I did with my daddy when I was a little child.

But please, Lord, don’t get too far ahead of me. I must still be able to see Your footprints every guiding me to a better land. Sometimes when I look up at the puffy clouds, I can imagine I see Your footprints, drawing closer and closer to this earth. Soon You will be within shouting distance and we will each hear the musical sound of Your powerful voice ~ calling all Your children, those awake and those asleep.

I can almost hear You say,

“It’s time children. You who are asleep, wake up! We are going home at last!”

I can imagine Your laughter as You greet us one by one. O what a happy day that will be!

No more need to follow You, Lord, trailing behind and trying to catch up to Your long strides . . . for in heaven, these dim eyes will see You in all Your radiance and glory! And we’ll be together at last.


~from the book, Shattered by Suicide on








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