Visible Grief


Dear Lord,

I have spent too much time looking out from within a glass goblet. It’s usually filled with something cold, creamy and drizzled with chocolate. Yes, I admit an addiction to the sweet stuff ~ it “helps” to fill the lonely, sad, painful parts of me . . . for about . . . a minute.

No one comments, Lord. Why would they? No one is going to ask the obvious question, “Have you put on weight?” That would have disaster written all over it. But I have . . . and “weigh” too much.[Am I alone in this?]

There is no excuse for not taking care of my body temple. The only thing I can say is that it is an outward sign of my internal grief and struggles. God, please fix it. Take the spoon out of my mouth! You are my comfort. Please teach me that I don’t need to feed an addition, even for a minute. I don’t want to wear my sorrow and problems. I want those to remain on the inside between You and me. I trust that in Your perfect timing and in Your perfect way, You will make me whole again.


~Shattered by Suicide by Gracie Thompson


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