A new citizenship

But we are citizens of heaven and are eagerly waiting for our Savior to come from there. Our Lord Jesus Christ has power over everything, and He will make these poor bodies of ours like His own glorious body.  Philippians 3:20-21

Have you ever felt out of place down here on earth? Could it be that we really don’t belong here? The text says that we are citizens of heaven and Jesus will return to take us to where He lives. In fact, hasn’t He been building mansions for us to call our permanent homes?

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to get rid of this aging body ~ and aging happens to each of us even if you are young and don’t yet have any aches and pains. Just to give you a taste ~ my body stops when I want it to move and moves when I want it to stop. I bend over to do some task and try to see what else I can do while I am down there ~ but if I take too long, my body will become like cement!

Once we hit forty, we just patch, patch, patch. My patches are inching closer together and some of them are frayed and in need of patching. My patches need patches! I can half-way see and half-way hear and just when I get all bundled up to go outside in chilly weather, I get an urge . . .

I have to chuckle at that one for it seems like yesterday I was bundling up my children to play in the snow and always, one of them was sure to say, “Mommy, I have to go potty.” So we’d reverse the process and start all over again.

Days like today, I would welcome those little voices back. I would not fuss over bundling and un-bundling them. I would frown less and smile more. There are lots of things I would do differently, but I digress. We face change whether we like it or not. But it sounds like God is asking us to look up and not down, to have eyes to the future, a heart to follow Him closely and to prepare and long for our heavenly address. (I don’t think we can forward mail there yet, however.)

Like the Israelite people of old, we too feel like we have been sojourners in a strange land. We are expected to follow the words of our government, but they often show poor leadership. It seems to me that they don’t have a big enough band-aid to cover the mess they’re making.

We are told that security is just around the corner. If we listen and do what we are told, we will be signing up to spend money that we don’t have that’s supposed to cover newly acquired debts piled on top of the ones not yet paid for. How does that work, exactly? Is that the example we want to set in our own families? Probably not. But it is the one set for us.

It seems to me that God provides the best security for His kids with:

Finances ~ the cattle on a thousand hills are His.

Homes ~ no matter if the one on earth is in ruins, we have another one, a mansion no less, waiting for us in heaven and no mortgage!

Jobs ~ we are to be about the business of sharing the story of God’s great love with others.

Health ~  God’s health plan is second to none. Once we get a brand new, immortal body when Jesus returns, forget health care.

Relationships ~ God is our Heavenly Daddy and Jesus is our Brother, Savior and King. Perfect.

We are in an election year which is no surprise unless you have not turned on the TV for months. No matter where you stand on the issues of earth or who you plan to cast your vote for, our government is trying to promise things, like security and safety, but I don’t buy what they are selling. After all, our God sits on the throne of heaven and He’s the One who is really in charge of Planet Earth.

Be brave. Be strong. Don’t give up. Expect God to get here soon.  Psalm 31:24 



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