*Meet me at the corral


With your permission I am going to share a miracle memory. Maybe this will trigger some miracles from your own memory bank to share as well. As you know, I absolutely get giddy over comments!

Here’s the story. I went grocery shopping like we do so often and did the usual transfer of bags from cart to trunk, put the cart in the corral, got in my car and drove away. (You suspect what’s coming, right?)

I drove a few blocks toward home, I reached to my right to fish something from my purse and promptly panicked! NO PURSE!

As quickly as possible I made a U-turn, and probably illegally, too panicked to remember. I just hustled as quickly as possible back to the parking lot. I fastened my eyes on the cart corral as I pulled in and quickly parked nearby, straining my eyes to see if my purse was still in the cart.

Ahhh. Relief and with a quick, “Thank You, God”, I closed the gap between me and my purse. I didn’t even pay attention to the car parked close to the corral, nor did I notice the elderly lady sitting behind the wheel. I just grabbed my purse.

As I did so, the lady rolled down her window ( not exactly sure what she did at this point, but it fits in the story) and spoke to me. She said in



a lilting brogue, “I was watching your purse.” I suddenly realized her presence and stopped in my tracks. “You what, I asked?” She repeated her comment. “I was watching your purse. I knew you’d come back.”

Naturally I was totally grateful to this little, sweet lady and thanked her over and over before returning to my car and driving home.

When I feel “heavenly neglected”, I think about the ways God has led in the past and sometimes this miracle returns to my mind. Slowing it down so I can savor each frame reminds me once again that I am never neglected or left alone. God is always nearby and His spirit dwells within me because I ask and I must remember to choose daily for His abiding Presence. It’s nice to know that when we ask, we receive.

Up to this time you have not asked a [single] thing in My Name [as presenting all that I AM]; but now ask and keep on asking and you will receive, so that your joy (gladness, delight) may be full and complete. John 16:24.

A good reminder, don’t you agree?


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