You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in Your bottle. You have recorded each one in Your book.                    Psalm 56:8

Tears are tiny drops of fluid that squeeze from our eyes just about the second we are born. They are adorable then, but as we get older, we are told to “stop that crying or I will give you something to cry about.” Heard that one? Or, “big boys don’t cry” or “you’re too big to cry”. Who decides we are too big to cry? When we hear these statements many times over while growing up, they become childhood commandments that can stick with us as adults. It makes it hard to show our emotions with tears; feeling somehow that it is shameful and must be apologized for and dried up as quickly as possible.

Let’s explore the possibility that tears are a gift. How can they be a bad thing if God collects them? I have cried enough to fill God’s bottle all by myself, I think. I have also resisted letting them out, but when the knot in my throat gets so large I can’t swallow over it, letting the tears come seems to refresh me in the end and washes the knot away.

English: Tears , often at childhood days. മലയാ...


Our Creator designed us with tear ducts and the ability to feel emotions that lead to tears whether happy or sad. If happy tears are acceptable in private or public, why not allow ourselves to feel sorrow and release sad tears in public also? It may lead to looks from others ~ but I am beyond the age when looks bother me. How about you?

Those of us who are on a grief journey know all about tears. They flow when they get good and ready and we can be surprised by them when our loved one’s name is mentioned, or we hear their favorite song or sometimes the memory has a mind of its own and the tears demand release.
Tears are a good thing. 



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