My Gardener God

Let our gardener, God, landscape you with the Word, making a salvation-garden of your life.  James 1:21

Lord, I love this text so much that I am “borrowing” it for our conversation together. What a concept ~ You as my Gardener! I love it and I love a beautiful garden, but unfortunately, I was not born with a green thumb and many years of practice hasn’t changed that much. So I look forward to my heavenly garden where there will be no blight of any kind: no bind weed, no ticks, no leaf-crunching beetles or thirsty mosquitoes. The list is endless, but You get the idea.

English: The Rose Garden at Drum Castle A gard...

 The Rose Garden at Drum Castle 

I will contentedly play in the dark, moist, humus-rich soil all day long without the slightest fear of scorching sunburn or biting flies ~ and perhaps no sweat either. I can dream, can’t I?

Ah, the exquisite fragrance of a delicate rose ~ and in heaven there will be no sharp thorns to spoil my enjoyment. The lilac bushes with their heady fragrance, tulip trees blanketed with fragile blossoms, and Shasta daisies covered in happy smiles. I am eager and ready, Lord, to take it all in.

You will be my personal Gardener and we will have wonderful times together. Just think of all the details You can share with me ~ how You designed the perfect acorn squash, beefsteak tomato and yellow sweet corn. Yum! I will remember every tip you teach me and apply it to my acreage. Yes, I said acreage . . . no need to till . . . no weeds, ever! And just think. I will never get tired working my large estate.

A perfect garden is just one more reason to look forward to Your soon return. I am ready to hang up my hat, toss the gloves and insect spray, and prepare for the time of my eternal life. But based on the text above, I think that You have a different garden in mind ~ a garden of the heart. I have trouble with that one too, Lord. I get tangled up in the weeds of sin and I struggle with the Fruits of the Spirit.

I am asking You to make a salvation garden in my heart, God. You are so multi-talented that I don’t have to worry about the plans or outcome. I choose to surrender my future landscape and the landscape of my heart to You every moment of every day.

I will let You take charge of planting good seed in Your special soil in my heart and watch me bloom for Your glory. Thank You, my Gardener God.

~from Shattered by Suicide


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