Keep Trusting In Jesus


He was a good friend of mine who passed away a few months ago. Something he wrote appeared inside his memorial bulletin. I want to share it in his honor. He was a soldier for the Lord all his life and I expect to see him in heaven.


Let’s keep trusting in Jesus, come what may.

He gives us the strength to live day by day.

May He give us courage, He gives His love.

Let’s keep our minds focused on the One up above.

He knows all our problems, He knows all about pain.

He bids us look upward, for He’s coming again.

Let’s not be discouraged, nor ever give up.

May we always remember He drank the Cup.

So keep looking to Jesus, our Savior and Friend.

He knows all about us, He loves ’till the end.

May your love be strong for Jesus, whatever you do.

He’ll help us and guide us,

He loves me and you!

~Pastor B, August 12, 1995




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