DRAFT – More stitches . . . ever traveled this way before? re-pub

After I turned my back on God, He should have cut up my tapestry and burned it. But He didn’t. Instead, He paused from His stitching, stroked His beard as if in deep thought and willed that I hear His soft voice speak to me deep in my heart,


“Dear Child,


My way may be full of trouble and sorrow, but it is also full of hope. And best of all, it leads to eternity. I miss hearing from you. It has been months since we last talked and I miss hearing your sweet voice. I know you are searching for Me, but you are looking in all the wrong places. I am not in the lies, gold, fancy clothes or earthly mansions. You are being hoodwinked by the enemy who knows you get trapped in this stuff. I long for you to see that he does not really love you. He’s a con artist and too self-absorbed to love anyone for real.


I am stitching your tapestry with all the beauty I can incorporate into it, but in heaven where I am, there is beauty beyond your wildest imagination. I can’t wait to show you everything . . . but above all, I can’t wait to give you a huge bear hug and welcome you home where you belong.




Your Heavenly Daddy


The Earth flag is not an official flag, since ...

The Earth


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