Quiet . . . for now

Then you, my people, will know that I am the Lord, when I open your graves and bring you up from them. Ezekiel 37:13

Look, He is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see Him.  Revelation 1:7

It was a beautiful fall day to take a walk and why not change the bouquets of flowers on my son’s grave too? Pull out the bright, sunflowers that look like they can go another season, dump the water out of the vase and stick in another bouquet of dark shades of red with some light blue flowers for contrast. One thing I can still do for my son is make up bouquets from silk flowers, tape them at the bottom and then add them to my growing collection to change out every season. I pause to remember . . . and turn away with a tear.

Usually when we I take these moments, I am alone; just me and God. But today the parking lot was full. There was a service about ready to start in one of the mausoleums. Family and friends were gathering and chatting in little groups. I moved my car to the end of the lot hoping to get out of the way since I planned to stay longer and take a walk.

There’s Apostle Street, Cross Street, and a lot of other appropriate-names streets as I walked along. Our son is on Prayer Street. Appropriate. Cemeteries are sad places. White flags are everywhere; a reminder that there are always more new graves under a blanket of straw where grass seedlings are kept warm until they it poke their little heads up through the straw to make a pretty green carpet to walk on. I pause to read other names. It’s a habit. Sometimes I find one I know. There is something about reading the names of the deceased and also family names of those who have planned ahead and will be buried there when their time comes. Each has a story; a beginning full of life until a sad ending. That’s life as we know it.

The heavy equipment used to dig the holes, is discreetly parked out back. Soon it will be used again. Someone else will be said “goodbye” to by family and friends. It’s a pattern we have had to accept ever since our first parents, Adam and Eve, bet on the snake and lost.

But there’s hope! Soon this cemetery and all the others around the globe, will be very active, noisy places. Jesus is calling His children awake and I don’t imagine it will be quiet that day! I probably won’t be doing flower changes either and no need! But if I’m alive I’d love to run to the cemetery to watch my beloved son come back to life! I can hardly imagine how it will be! But I can hardly wait!

One company’s promise soon to be eternally cancelled:

“Forever Legacy, Our Guarantee is Eternal and Perpetual.

Our Eternal Mausoleums are an assurance to you that your investment

in your legacy is protected, even in the next millennium. Forever Legacy

has created a true legacy, one we guarantee now, and eternally.””




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