When Our Hearts Were In Need . . .

English: A view south, near Lower End, Glouces...

English: A view south, near Lower End, Gloucestershire On the left is a wheat crop.



There are times when I need the devotionals of Roy Lessin to inspire me or make me ponder some deep point or just carry me away on the winds of fragrance: tall grasses, oats, barley and maybe summer wheat and definitely wild flowers being wild and free.

The sniffs won’t make my mouth water ~ too soon for that, but the freshness of the breezes contain the promise of new life and food for the winter. The cycle of life repeats. Perhaps you will decide you’d like to follow his devotionals and you can at http://www.meetmeinthemeadow.com. Here’s a sample. Maybe something will strike a chord in your soul too.

  • To those in sin, God sent us the Savior;
  • To those in darkness, God sent us the Light;
  • To those in bondage, God sent us the Deliverer;
  • To those in defeat, God sent us the Victor;
  • To those in want, God sent us the Shepherd;
  • To those in hunger, God sent us the Bread;
  • To those in pain, God sent us the Physician;
  • To those in doubt, God sent us the Truth;
  • To those in confusion, God sent us the Way;
  • To those in turmoil, God sent us the Prince of Peace;
  • To all in need, God sent His only begotten Son.

For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given.  Isaiah 9:6

~Devotional by Roy Lessin