“May I Take Your Problems?”

Tomb of Lazarus Bethany Holy Land (i.e. West Bank)

Tomb of Lazarus Bethany 

This was His question to me.


“But there are too many of them and besides, I am sure they are too difficult for You to handle, Jesus,” I responded. “I can’t ask or expect You to be able to fix them. They have always been this way and probably always will be. I pray and nothing seems to happen, so I doubt that You can fix them, but thanks for the offer.”


“Oh, and by the way, we heard a report that You restored sight to a blind man. How wonderful, if it is true,” I said, half under my breath. After all, His good friend Lazarus was allowed to die. I suspect that the healed blind man was just a hoax as well . . . some half-baked story the media put out just to grab headlines.


But today I have come to the tomb of Lazarus out of respect for his sisters Mary and Martha, and also because I happen to be on assignment. You see, I am a reporter for the Bethany Times. My camera crew is with me. We are allowed to be right up front so we can print the real story in tomorrow’s newspaper. I expect this to be on the front page ~ the “big break” I have been waiting for . . . and perhaps it will grant me a hefty raise.


How sad the sisters must be to lose their only brother. They, along with the hired mourners, are wailing loudly. It makes me wonder how their friend, Jesus, could fail them in their time of greatest need. Oh look, here He comes now. If anything is going to happen today I won’t miss it; no foul-ups on my watch. I will see it with my own eyes, and we will record it for the world.


Jesus looks both upset and sad; He has tears in His eyes. Apparently, He did love His friend a whole lot. It looks like He’s going to pray, but He’s not looking toward the temple. Instead, He’s looking up to the sky. I must listen carefully and put the mike up close; He’s talking softly.


Thanks, Dad, for always listening to Me. You and I have such a tight relationship that We can discuss everything and We often do, back and forth all day long and all night too, sometimes. But this request isn’t for Me: it’s for those who are listening intently to My every word. They are so quick to judge Me unfairly and they doubt Your power through Me. So I ask You, for the benefit of all those present, to wake up Lazarus. Perhaps, Dad, more will believe in You today after their friend is returned to them, and believe also that You did send Me. John 11:33-43, paraphrased.


And then He shouted at the cave for Lazarus to come out . . . and he did! Unbelievable! Magnificent!


And there you have it, folks. We have all witnessed Jesus Christ’s awesome power today, and we can’t help but believe what our eyes have seen! Now I can say without a doubt, that I can trust Him to handle all my problems. I hope He will ask me again if He can help, and when He does, I shall answer, “Yes!”




~from Shattered by Suicide


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