Flamingo fluff

A friend loves at all times.  Proverbs 17:17

If you say, “hang out” instead of “flock together”, you may  not get this. In fact you will likely think what I am about to reveal as very silly indeed. But . . . this is my blog so I can write what I please, right? Perhaps I will have a point. We’ll see.

We have silly friends. They are life-rs. We stick together through thick and thin ~ and more thick than thin these days, but I digress. At Christmas we usually exchange other silly gifts. Lest you think that this practice would be a waste of money in our economic times I shall explain. Several years ago somebody started it. I won’t reveal which family, but somebody thought it would be funny to put a pink flamingo in the other somebody’s yard. No offense, but we happen to think pink flamingos belong in RV retirement grounds and since we weren’t ready to go there yet when this game started, somebody stuck one in somebody’s yard when they were away on vacation. They thought it funny, as we had hoped (oops, now you know who started it) and the fight was on.

One takes a chance at life. One also takes a chance at the game of flamingos too. To put out is to risk repercussions. If memory failed, it would be the end of the joke. Memory did not fail. It was our turn to take a vacation. And when we returned home, all we could see as we rolled up, was pink! There were parent flamingos and baby flamingos and sizes in between. The yard was covered! (That’s my count and I’m sticking with it). At first we were shocked and then we burst out laughing. We’d been had.

Time passed. I thought the flamingo thing had finally bit the dust. Not so fast. We recently got a string of flamingo lights – probably stolen from an RV while on a beach vacation, but they are cute and we laughed. I immediately set them aside. They would be wrapped as a return present under their Christmas tree, plus I found a bumper sticker which reads, “I break for flamingos”. Perfect. I wrapped that up too. Of course, you have to throw in something useful so I did that too.

We were invited over for Christmas eve dinner so my husband delivered a fresh floral and candle centerpiece to grace their table. I thought it was beautiful, thoughtful and useful. He returned home with a gift for us, perhaps not as thoughtful or useful, but definitely beautiful. . . if you like hot pink flamingos! She’s not only fine, she sings! When you press her wing her head swoons and sways fetchingly back and forth keeping rhythm. Nice.

I still have my memory, but just in case I should forget I will make a note for December, 2013, “box up pink bird and deliver with a smile”.

Friends are keepers when they can handle both the good and the bad stuff that happens.


  • Birds of a Feather

In nature, birds of the same species often flock together as a safety precaution, since congregating in large groups would reduce their risk of predatation. This behavior of birds is where this idiom originates from.