This Child Has Armor

There was once a tiny wisp of a child with golden curls, bright eyes, and a captivating smile. But this child, barely out of diapers, had already experienced neglect, pain, and abandonment.  How could she ever survive in a grownup world that had all those bad things ~ and more? The answer can only come from the One who creates special armor for children.

They may not yet know or understand about the shield of faith or the sword of the Spirit, but they have an innate, relentless search for love ~ God’s unconditional love ~ with every beat of their tiny hearts. God has placed a longing for Himself ~ for eternity ~ within every heart He has created (Eccl. 3:11), and it’s a longing that only He can fill.

God is huge, but He can fit inside the heart of a tiny child. Nothing else will make a person of any size whole again, although many have tried other “pegs” of all shapes and sizes. All have failed. Only the eternity peg will fit. And this fragile waif already knows and is searching for Him who will fill up her tiny heart with His love. Already she loves Him who she has not yet met.

Time and years have tumbled after each other and an unthinkable tragedy struck the family. But through it all, she has found Him faithful; He whom her soul has craved. He has been with her all along ~ from the bars in her crib and through the pain of horrible loss. He is Jesus Christ, her Knight in shining armor.

~selected from “Shattered by Suicide” by Gracie Thompson