New twist on an old poem

A shepherd and his sheep on the way to Hampta ...

My Shepherd carries me when the path is rocky   and steep. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the first of King David’s poems I learned was the 23rd Psalm. It is probably familiar to most of us. I don’t imagine he was king when he wrote this. He spent much of his early years taking care of his father’s sheep. While they were grazing he probably had lots of time to write. His poems are an outpouring of his love for His God and are priceless just as they are, but sometimes I get the urge to do a re-write. To do it just for the enjoyment of it.

I am a sheep. Jesus is my Shepherd and with Him by my side I shall never be in need. When it is time to rest, He makes a bed for me in fresh green pastures. He leads me to where there is fresh water to drink. I quench my thirst. He renews my strength and refreshes my life. Where He leads, I follow. I know that He will guide me safely in the path He has planned for me. It’s all for my good and His glory.

In this world, the paths are often rocky, full of twists and unforeseen turns which may lead into the darkness of death, but I will not fear the enemy for Jesus stays by my side. He will weep with me and walk with me while I grieve. He will never leave me or forsake me and I take comfort in His strength. He is armed against the enemy which gives me courage and as long as I stay next to Him, I am safe.

Even a simple sheep has enemies, but they keep their distance while Jesus prepares for us a banquet of my favorites and it is delicious. He pours warm oil over my head, cuts and sores. I feel blessed relief. He holds, hugs and strokes my soft curly fur. It fills up my love cup until it brims and overflows. I am happy, blessed and content.

I choose to keep close to Jesus all of my days which He will fill with goodness, unconditional love and tender mercy. He has invited me home to live with Him. I accept His offer with joy and we shall live in His awesome home forever and ever.


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