Bubbles of mirth

“Mirth is God’s medicine.  Everybody ought to bathe in it.”  ~Henry Ward Beecher

Young boy blowing bubbles

Young boy blowing bubbles (Photo credit: Images of Sri Lanka – Sequential Shots)

Laughing on the outside. Crying on the inside. Sound familiar? I just posted a blog on tears. And here’s one on laughter; back to back. Go figure. It’s how my (warped) mind works. Perhaps you can relate. At least I hope you can. Either that or I have already lost your interest. What we can both agree on is that our fragile emotions are unpredictable; hence laughter one minutes, tears the next. My heart craves laughter relief. I have a funny bone ~ and so do you, yes?

The road of grief is long and dusty. Nothing much to look at. The landscape is dry and barren. We hope in Jesus’ soon return so we can be reunited forever with those we love. Meanwhile, the Bible tells us in Luke 19:13 to occupy until He comes. And while we “occupy” can we laugh a little?

Put your memory cap on. Ever had a belly laugh? I mean an honest-to-goodness internal jogging? Can’t remember? Been that long ago, huh? Me too. I have to strain to recall a story so funny that my sides ache from the belly exercise (it can use it) and my cheek muscles need a massage afterwards. Ahhhh. You remember one now? I’d love to have you share it so we all can enjoy.

I recall one I’d like to share. It’s true, believe it or not. No. It didn’t happen to my immediate family, but that is as much information as I will give. People demand privacy, you know, especially when the joke is on them. I have thought about mailing it to Reader’s Digest, not that they would publish, but it’s the thought that counts . . . and I can always count on a few bubbles of mirth at the memory.

A couple had purchased a rural knoll on which to build their retirement home. This would be a DIY project from the ground up and completed in two stages. First, build the garage and live in it while completing the house. Sounds good on paper and so they began clearing the land and setting up temporary housing in a tin lean-to; a three-sided contraption intended to give shelter from the night chill, but since they had planned  to be under roof before winter, they could manage this temporary bungalow with ease. After all, they were seasoned campers.

As it usually goes, it took longer getting going than anticipated and they were not enjoying warm shelter in the garage before cold weather set in. Poor things. These brave souls hunkered down under multiple layers of blankets trying to keep warm in their three-sided igloo. This was rustic living at its finest including an outdoor privy which had a door, but no heat or other creature comforts. And there is nothing warm about feeling the urge  in the wee hours of the morn. Squirm. Pull the covers tighter and try to overlook nature’s call. No good. Not going to happen.

Crawling out of his cocoon, the husband felt around for the flashlight in the early dawn. Couldn’t find it. Then he groped around for a certain article of clothing . . . ahhhh . . . his undies. No sense in freezing all functioning body parts. His fishing about woke up his wife.

“What are you looking for”, she asked with a yawn. “I’m hunting for my underwear,” he retorted. Now she was awake. Raising up on her elbows and adjusting to the dim light, she squinted and then fell back onto her pillow laughing uproariously! Of course, he was annoyed. SHE didn’t have to get up. So what was so funny?

“What’s so funny?” he demanded gruffly. Between fits of laughter she pointed to his head. “They’re up there!!!” she convulsed with more guffaws. He felt his head. Yup. It was covered, but not in the usual sock cap he wore to keep warm. Instead, this “cover” had a dual purpose. It had openings for legs!  Now it’s your turn to laugh:).

How happy are you who weep now, for you are going to laugh!  Luke 6:21, b




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